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From Tradition to Innovation: Modern Solutions from a Native American-Owned Fence Company

When it comes to keeping your business protected, you want the latest and greatest solutions. You also want the experience and craftsmanship that comes from generations of fence-building expertise. That’s where Native American-owned security fence companies shine – blending tradition with innovation to bring you the ideal fence or gate system.

Look to Experience and Expertise

Native American-owned fence companies have installation and construction techniques passed down through generations. They know how to build fences that stand the test of time. Their experience with all types of properties and landscapes means they can assess your unique needs and recommend the right materials and design. According to Statista, larceny and theft are the most common crimes in the United States, with more than 4.6 million cases reported in 2020. With their expertise, Native American-owned security fence companies can help safeguard your business.

Embrace Blends of Old and New

While you’ll benefit from their traditional construction methods, Native American-owned fence companies also offer modern materials and technology. They can install a wrought iron gate secured with smart access control. Blending time-honored techniques with innovative new solutions results in fences that check all the boxes – security, aesthetics, durability, and more.

Go Custom for Your Needs

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Native American-owned security fence companies provide customized options tailored to your commercial property. After a site visit and consultation, they recommend boundaries, entries and exits, materials, posts, gates, and other elements that make sense for your unique requirements. If you have a particular style in mind, they can bring that vision to life with a fence that enhances security and aesthetics.

Stay Within Your Budget

Native American-owned fence companies work with any budget without sacrificing quality. For cost-efficiency, they determine what’s essential for security and what’s more decorative. Or, they may recommend alternative materials that provide similar aesthetics at a lower price point. Thanks to relationships with wholesale suppliers, they can often source quality materials for less. Whatever your budget, these security fence companies can design solutions that check the boxes for functionality, attractiveness, and cost.

For a fence or gate that blends tradition with innovation, Native American-owned security fence companies have the experience and expertise to exceed your expectations. They offer today’s business owners the best of both worlds. Call Miami Nation Fence to get a quote when you’re in the market for a new security fence.

4 Signs Steel Security Fences Are Right for Your Needs

Adding security fences around your home or business is a big decision. How do you know if investing in steel fencing is truly the right call for your needs? Here are four telltale signs that steel security fences may provide the protection and peace of mind you desire.

1. You Need to Deter Crime

If crime is rising in your area, steel fencing acts as a robust deterrent. Security fences create a true physical barrier, unlike mere decoration. The material strength and formidable appearance of steel fencing stop intruders in their tracks. No one wants to tangle with these tough barricades! Steel security fences make criminal activity much harder, persuading criminals to go elsewhere. Protect your property in the smartest way.

2. Privacy Is a Priority

Do you crave more privacy and seclusion? Steel fences provide complete visual separation from nosy onlookers. Their opaque construction totally blocks views. Whether you want privacy for your home, business assets, or anything else on your property, steel security fencing delivers. No one can peer through or climb over – your activities remain hidden from sight. Upgrade to steel for total peace of mind.

3. You Need Sturdy Protection

When you need true sturdy protection, flimsy materials just don’t cut it. Steel fences stand up to all attacks. Their rugged steel build resists cutting, rusting, and corrosion. Steel fences won’t crack or splinter like wood. They stand up to hurricanes, animals, and even vehicles! For industrial sites or high-security needs, steel fences provide reliable muscle. According to Networx, steel fencing will require regular maintenance, even when it has been coated with a protective coating. Protect valuables without worry.

4. The Design Options Appeal

Today’s steel fences don’t resemble gloomy eyesores. You have attractive design options! Mix ornamental and privacy fencing styles. Choose color finishes beyond basic black. Add modern features like automated gates and smart access control. Work with designers to create beautiful steel fences tailored to your home. Steel security plus curb appeal is achievable.

Take your property protection to the next level with sturdy steel security fencing tailored to your unique needs. Talk to steel fence installers in your area to explore how steel can protect what matters most. Your family, home, or business deserves genuine peace of mind. Call Miami Nation Fence to get an estimate for a new steel security fence.

Does My Baseball Field Need a New Fence?

If your baseball field’s fence is looking worn down and ragged, you may be wondering if it’s time to replace it. According to Grand View Research, through 2030, the growth rate of the fencing market is expected to be 5%. With so many options, here are a few key signs that indicate your field is due for new commercial fence installation from the pros.

Rust and Corrosion

One of the most telling signs your baseball field needs new fencing is visible rust, corrosion, and paint chipping away. Metal commercial fences exposed to the elements will eventually show wear and tear. However, if you notice significant rust and peeling paint, that’s a clue your fences aren’t up to par anymore. Rust and corrosion mean the protective coating is gone, allowing further deterioration.

Structural Damage

Carefully inspect your commercial fences for any structural damage that affects performance and safety. Are there holes in the fence from impact that allow balls to pass through? Are posts leaning or coming loose from the ground? Any issues like bent posts, missing fasteners, cracked mesh, or broken gates likely mean your field fence is due for replacement.

Outdated Appearance

While surface rust and structural damage are clear indicators, even if your commercial fences are intact they may just look old and tired. If the color is faded and dreary or the style feels dated, giving your field new modern fencing can instantly improve the aesthetic. Refreshed fencing gives your whole field an updated and professional look and feel.

Safety Hazards

Your number one priority should be player safety. If your fencing is no longer doing its job of keeping balls contained and spectators protected, that’s an obvious sign it needs replacing. Don’t wait until someone gets injured to fix any safety hazards; instead, address risks proactively. Players and families will be happy you did!

Well-designed commercial fences are crucial for any baseball field. Pay attention to signs like rust, structural damage, dated appearance, and safety hazards to identify when your field is due for new fencing. With the right partner, you can refresh your field with functional and durable fencing. Reach out to our team at Miami Nation Fence to obtain an estimate today! We look forward to assisting you.

3 Reasons Businesses and Institutions Should Invest in Pool Fencing

As the owner of a business or institution with a pool on the premises, you have a responsibility to keep people safe. Investing in proper pool fencing through a reputable commercial fencing company is one of the best ways you can prevent accidents and limit liability risks. According to IBISWorld, in the United States, the fence construction industry is worth around $18 billion. Read on for three compelling reasons why secured pool barriers should be a priority.

1. It’s a Legal Responsibility

In most areas, there are laws and codes that require swimming pools to be enclosed by fence barriers meeting specific height, closure latch, and gate opening requirements. By having a commercial fencing company install an approved pool safety fence, you ensure your business meets all regulations. This means avoiding fines, violations, and loss of operating permits when local inspectors examine your property. It also shows customers and patrons you prioritize safety and compliance.

2. It Deters Unauthorized Access

Lockable, self-closing gates installed by a commercial fencing company prevent people from easily wandering into pool areas unattended. This adds an important layer of protection against drowning incidents involving unsupervised young children. It also deters unauthorized use of pools after hours by teens and adults, limiting disturbance issues and potential injuries stemming from horseplay and intoxication. Investing in proper enclosures gives you greater oversight of your pool at all times.

3. It Reduces Liability Risks

In the event someone does trespass or accidentally falls into an unsecured pool on your property, your business becomes vulnerable to premises liability claims and lawsuits. Plaintiff attorneys will argue improper fencing and barriers failed to prevent foreseeable risks. Proper enclosures from a reputable commercial fencing company limit the argument you demonstrated negligence in securing the pool area. Documented compliance with fencing codes also strengthens any defense of your due diligence should legal issues arise. Avoiding just one serious injury or death can save millions down the road.

As a conscientious business owner, manager, or institutional administrator, make pool safety fencing a priority for your next capital upgrades. Contact Miami Nation Fence, a licensed and insured commercial fencing company today to schedule a site assessment and discuss options tailored to your specific needs and budget. Investing now demonstrates your commitment to safety, compliance, and risk reduction — and that’s simply smart management.

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4 Maintenance Tips for Your Wood Security Fencing

As a commercial property owner, you should invest in security fencing. After all, proper security fencing is essential for protecting your property from theft and damage. It can also help improve your overall property value. When you make such an investment, you want to do as much as possible to protect it. Here are some tips for maintaining your wood security fencing.

1. Sealants

According to BuildDirect, research suggests homeowners spend between $1,533 and $3,470 on wood fencing. However, if you’re a commercial property owner, your final fence expense may be higher than that range since you likely have a larger space to secure. Plus, you have to think about how much additional care like sealants will cost. Whatever the fee is, it’ll be worth it, as sealants protect your wooden security fence from the ravages of moisture. Some sealants can also help protect your wood from hungry insects like termites that will bore into the wood and weaken it.

2. Staining

Use fence staining for aesthetic purposes, as the color can make your wooden fencer look more beautiful. You may choose a stain that’s relevant to your overall company branding color. Much like a traditional sealant, staining protects your wooden fencing from weathering, insects, and general wear and tear.

3. Cleaning

Never underestimate the benefit of a good cleaning job on any surface, including your fences. After all, your wooden fence is outside facing the elements. It may have dirt, dust, and other containment sticking to it. If you don’t have it professionally cleaned, all types of debris can wear away at its outermost layer. Avoid letting unhealthy mold and grime set in by regularly washing it.

4. Timely Repairs

You should always check your security fencing for vulnerabilities. If you begin to notice cracks, holes, or any type of damage, don’t hesitate to have it fixed right away. What might be a small dent or crack now can turn into a full-long splint or weaken a whole part of the fence.

Security fencing is a perfect investment for your business. However, your job isn’t done once you put the fence up. You should continue to maintain the fence, allowing it to stay strong as well as add to your curb appeal. For reliable security fencing you can trust, contact Miami Nation Fence today.