Do Commercial Fencing Companies Offer Services Other Than Fencing?

When you think of commercial fencing companies, your mind probably goes straight to chain link fences and privacy screens surrounding business properties. However, reputable commercial fencing companies today offer far more than just the fence structures themselves. Keep reading to learn about some key services to look for when choosing commercial fencing companies for your next commercial project.

They Can Create Custom Metalwork and Railings

One major service offered by many commercial fencing companies is custom metalwork and railings. Rather than just throwing up a plain chain link fence, they can craft specialty metal railing, louvered screening, iron gates and railings, balcony railings, and other custom touches. The right commercial fencing company will have skilled metalworkers and ironworkers on staff to bring your unique vision to life. For example, they can custom-build beautiful iron railings or screens to surround a patio seating area. Or if your commercial property has balconies, they can install secure and aesthetically pleasing balcony railings made out of iron, steel, or aluminum.

They Handle Parking Areas and Traffic Flow

Another service you’ll find with commercial fencing companies is parking lot gates, guardrails, and bollards to control traffic flow. They can install gates at parking lot entrances and exits to control access. Sturdy commercial guardrails act as protective barriers in parking areas and loading zones. Bollards placed at strategic points prevent unauthorized vehicle access. Proper parking lot gates, guardrails, and bollards from commercial fencing companies not only keep your property secure but also promote safety and order surrounding parking areas

They Can Handle Recreational Properties

For things like tennis nets, baseball nets, golf nets, and pool fences, you can also be covered by these professional companies. It’s good to rely on a company that has experience when you need to enclose a recreational space, which is why so many local business owners come our way.

According to IBIS World, in the U.S., there are approximately 319,000 fence construction businesses. When searching for the right commercial fencing company for your business, look for one that offers not just fencing installation but also custom metalwork, parking lot accessories, and more. Look beyond basic fencing services, and choose a true commercial fencing specialist to fully outfit your business. If you’re looking for a fencing company that can help you with any of these services, call us at Miami Nation Fence today.